Change of Career

With satisfaction from his research always having derived from the thrill of seeking new thoughts and discoveries, and satisfaction from his teaching deriving from familiarity, empathy, approachability and non-elitism¬†with students, Robin Baker reacted badly to developments in British universities in the early 1990s. Everywhere, commercialism and the institution’s self-interest were becoming more important than an individual’s research. And at the same time the fear of litigation and a new morality were driving a wedge of distrust between students and staff. Increasingly disillusioned by academic life, Robin Baker’s main source of interest and pleasure became writing. So when in 1996 a new round of promoting voluntary redundancy began in universities, he took advantage of the offer in order to become a full-time writer, agreeing as part of the deal to continue for a few years more to organise the annual field course to Spain.

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