Lecturing & Field Courses

After two years (1968-70) studying butterfly ecology on a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Bristol, Robin Baker moved to teach Entomology as a Demonstrator in Zoology at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. In 1974 he moved again to become first a Lecturer (1974-1981) then a Reader (1981-1996) in Zoology at the University of Manchester. While there he gave lecture courses on Entomology, Ornithology, Behavioural Ecology, and The Behavioural Ecology of Sex in Humans. Most undergraduates will remember him best for his liberal, virtually anarchistic, approach to the running of the fortnight-long field courses that he organised each summer, first in Woodchester Park, Gloucestershire, England (1975-85) and then Calahonda, nr Motril, on the south coast of Spain (1986-2002.) All ten of the postgraduates who obtained a PhD under his supervision went on to become either Lecturers, Professors or Vice-Chancellor at some university or other around the world.
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