Bird Navigation

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English (UK) How do birds navigate so successfully over thousands of kilometres making a return trip which may take them to the same nesting site every year? By the mid 1980s leading researchers thought that this most enduring and endearing of puzzles was solved and the author, a well known figure in the navigation field, explored this view in the light of the then most recent discoveries. English (USA)
Japanese The book is written primarily for the serious student of biology but the manner of presentation, with a strong visual edge, puts it within reach of a wider readership of those interested in birds, navigation or migration.
At first sight the available evidence is confused and contradictory; when pieced together in a simple way, however, a coherent picture emerges of how birds seem to navigate. Theory and evidence are presented hand in hand on a determined onslaught on a major biological enigma. There are clear examples of the importance of rigour in experimental design, and potential researchers will find encouragement from the example of some scientists who, despite initial ridicule from their establishment, have through scientific thoroughness and determination succeeded eventually in pioneering major advances.