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From Professionals & Critics

Professor Todd K. Shackelford
(Chair of Psychology, Oakland University, Michigan, USA)


…from world-class scholar to splendid novelist …evolutionary science informs and enriches the captivating storyline. Stunningly good read!
( (24 August 2013)

Dr Eddie Fernandes
Author of ‘The Swinging Playground’ (in prep.)
(Assistant Professor of Psychology, Barton College, North Carolina, USA)


I just couldn’t put the book down (or iPad, in this case…)… amazing, entertaining, exciting, enthralling …. It kept reminding me of the (behavior of) the Canela tribe of the Amazon and the Sambia of New Guinea … The characters (show) a side of human sexuality that isn’t well accepted in the West … that humans start to develop sexual satisfaction and understanding at an early age is still taboo … I couldn’t stop thinking that there were some autobiographical tidbits thrown in, which made the story (even) more interesting. … Well worth the read.
(20 January 2013)

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