PRAISE for Human Sperm Competition

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From Professionals & Critics


For years I have not read such an important and captivating book which on one hand deals with everyday behaviour and on the other hand connects with the best of the Darwinian approach.

The Independent

…opens up a previously unexplored area of research in human sexuality…The result is something remarkable – a genuinely new book about sex.


…immense amount of information … carefully documented


…the book is difficult to put down. There can be few people who are not fascinated by their own sexual behaviour and the attempt here is to place the whole thing in an evolutionary framework determined, and driven, by sperm competition. Baker and Bellis may not be always right, but it is a hell of a good story.

Trends in Ecology and Evolution.

Their ideas are novel and their research has taken them into areas where many others have been reluctant to tread.

From General Readers

Anon. (28 May 2000)

The accomplishments of Baker & Bellis, summarized nicely in this textbook treatment, are stunning and under-appreciated. B&B present a strong case that our reproductive physiology and behavior evidence a degree of adaptive, strategic sophistication… In 30 years those of us who are serious about evolutionary approaches to human behavior will list B&B’s Human Sperm Competition among the most important works of the 20th century (and we will shake our heads the same way we do today about Mendel…). If you are engaged in research on mating or sexual strategies, do yourself a favor and get this book. … It is a rare opportunity to glimpse the future of mind science. (

Anon. (9 June 1999)

An absolutely fascinating book. (

Anon. (9 March 1998)

Suddenly Sociobiology comes to life! If you had any doubts about human sexual behaviour, or suffered from political correctness, this will set you to rights. It is indeed a seminal book. (