Sperm Wars



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UK (3rd ed) UK (2nd ed) UK (1st ed)
Now described as a modern classic of popular science writing, SPERM WARS is a collection of 37 short stories showing people engaged in sexual behaviour ranging from the routine to the exotic. Each story is followed by an explanation of the science behind the actions to demonstrate how our everyday behaviour has been shaped by evolution.
USA (3rd ed) USA (2nd ed) USA (1st ed)
Published to acclaim and controversy over a decade ago, SPERM WARS turned centuries-old biological assumptions on their head. Translated into 25 languages and now used in the study of subjects as diverse as psychology, physiology, biology, sexual counselling, and evolution the book is still in its categories’ best-seller lists around the world, frequently at #1.

French (2nd ed.) French (1st ed.) Hungarian
The book describes how evolution has programmed men to compete with each other to conquer and monopolise women, while women, without ever knowing they are doing it, subtly but effectively seek the best genetic input on offer from potential sexual partners.
German (2nd ed.) German (1st ed.) Estonian
New facts of life are revealed: 10 per cent of children are not fathered by their ‘fathers’; less than 1 per cent of a man’s sperm is capable of fertilising anything; the penis is designed to remove sperm from a woman as well as putting sperm in; “smart” cervical mucus encourages some sperm but blocks others; and a woman is more likely to conceive through a casual fling than through sex with her regular partner.
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Polish (3rd ed.) Polish (1st/2nd ed.) Croatian
SPERM WARS is a revolutionary thesis about sex that can surprise, entertain and even shock.
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